Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kids (and Adults) are Writers Day 1

Andrew and I are accepting the Kids are Writers 30 Days Summer Camp challenge.  Practicing what I teach...here goes day 1:

I am a writer.  I first realized I was an academic writer when I enjoyed writing school research papers in elementary school through high school. They followed a formula, were in third person, impersonal, and were easy to complete.  I enjoyed the challenge of writing college papers.  I first realized that personal writing was not my forte when I was in college.  All of the papers for one English class were personal in nature and written in first person.  Having had third person drilled into my head since childhood, this was extremely hard to do.  Writing outside of my diary about my personal thoughts and feelings was unthinkable.  However, it has been my quest to improve this skill since college. 

I love to learn to write about different topics.  I love to learn new techniques of writing and this led me to the National Writing Project of Acadiana's Summer Institute in 2007.  The fun and innovative ways to teach writing, especially poetry, were exhilarating! In my classroom, I share what I learned.  My hopes and dreams for writing include refining my craft and igniting a fire for writing in my students.  Accepting and completing this 30 day challenge will help me on my way.