Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hot Zone Question 4

Using your knowledge of The Hot Zone, write a letter to either the author or to a character in the true story. Be clear which person you are referring to in your Salutation line (Dear ___,).

Post your letter by Friday, Feb. 5.

The Hot Zone Question 3

The Hot Zone encompasses several issues for thought. Is there an issue that you agree with? Disagree with? In your first line, identify which issue you are referencing (ex. animal rights, containment, animal research, protocols for biocontainment, etc.).

Respond by Friday, Feb. 5.

The Hot Zone Question 2

Using your knoweldge of The Hot Zone and your understanding of society today, answer the following three questions by Thursday, Feb. 4:

If a person has an infectious disease, what are their rights and responsibilities? Should their freedom be limited to protect the general public? Does the public have a right to know when there is a deadly virus nearby?

Respond to two posts by your classmates by Friday, Feb. 5.

Please remember that you are writing to a public audience and, therefore, should use your best grammar and spelling skills.