Friday, March 21, 2014

The Hot Zone - Day Three

Read through the end of Total Immersion for Monday, March 24.  

Questions for Part 1:  A Woman and a Soldier, Project Ebola, Total Immersion.  Make notes as you read these sections for your in-class discussions.  You can take notes either in GoogleDocs or on paper.  Your choice, but you must have notes. 

A Woman and a Soldier
The author sometimes changes the narrative point of view as he’s telling the story. How is the narrative point of view different between the description of Charles Monet and the description of Nancy Jaax?
The author frequently uses the literary device of foreshadowing.  How is he using it here?

Project Ebola
Why does the author describe the location and ventilation system at USAMRIID?
What are two examples of the lethal microorganisms being worked on at USAMRIID? What are the fears of these agents?
Why does Gene Johnson have nightmares about airborne Ebola? What are the other vectors, or transmission paths, of infections (airborne is one method)?
Diagram the steps of containment as Gene and Nancy progress through the different levels.

Total Immersion
How are the blood samples stored? How do these facilities work? Why is this method of storage important?
What happened to Nancy Jaax while she was dissecting the monkeys with Lt. Johnson? What do you think is going to happen to Nancy?
Why do you think Nancy didn't contract the virus?
How many particles does it take to cause an Ebola infection?
The Hot Zone is a work of nonfiction journalism. How does Richard Preston know what the characters are thinking?


Anonymous said...

So far, this book has lived up to my expectations. It is gory almost every step of the way, but it still - somehow - manages to be a good book.

Anonymous said...

Did Richard Preston go to the area where Monet died?
- Mason

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying this book somehow. Just learning about this virus just seems kind of cool in a way even though I will NEVER be a doctor. Just sayin. I agree with Jacob about it being gory but it just makes the book more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Richard Preston went where Monet died put he did explore Kitum Cave. I'm not entirely sure about this and if anyone else figures different please tell me.