Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hot Zone - Day Two

Questions to discuss for Part 1, Something in the Forest, Jumper, and Diagnosis.  Make notes as you read these sections for your in-class discussions.  You can take notes either in GoogleDocs or on paper.  Your choice, but you must have notes.

Something in the Forest:
The author uses a sensory image of hot and cold in describing the case. Why does he create this disequilibrium?
The author makes a distinction between lethal and nonlethal contagion. What is the difference?
List all the contacts Monet had, from symptoms to death. Then list the next three people each of those contacts might have had. How many possible infections do you have in this scenario?
Why don’t antibiotics work on viruses?
The author often switches from one narrative point of view to another. On page 20 (depends on version of book) the author switches from third-person narration to the second-person voice, i.e., “he” and “they” are switched to “you.” What is the impact of this technique? Why do you think the author does it? 
Is the agent that killed Charles Monet a character in The Hot Zone? If it is a character, what sort of a character is it and what role does it seem to play?

What did Dr. Musoke do that contributed to the spread of the disease? What would you have done?  
What is the significance of the title of this chapter?

Is a virus alive or not? How would you define life? What are the characteristics of a virus that make it seem NOT alive? What characteristics does a virus have that make it seem alive?
What is the WHO? What do they do?
What is the science of epidemiology? What is the root word structure of this field?


Anonymous said...

I think that I'd Dr. Musoke would have taken precautions befor he came in contact with the sick patient, Monet, he could have prevented spreading the disease.

Anonymous said...

I think what Musoke did was not very smart at all. Although he did have to attend his patients and things of that nature, he should've known it was just a simple cold when nothing worked to cure it.

Anonymous said...

Well it does say that Monet wasn't breathing very well so Dr. Musoke trying to open his air passages. But yeah he could have put at least gloves and a mask on, and maybe even goggles.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Musoke should have been more prepared for anything he came in contact with. He should have worn a mask and gloves so maybe the vomit wouldn't have gotten in his mouth.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you. Musoke should have had more protective gear on. But I don't think that would have saved him from getting the virus though. However when Monet throws up the black vomit on Musoke I made a face that made my whole family laugh at me because I was reading in the living room. Ha.
-Meghan :)